About Us

Here at GeoDynamic Well Logging, Inc., we are committed to fulfill all your onsite well logging needs. We have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of mud logging from geology to instrumentation design, to equipment manufacturing. Let our expertise assist you in recovering your investment.

GeoDynamic Well Logging, Inc., began operations in February of 1987. From that time we have striven to be the pinnacle of the mud logging industry by incorporating our knowledge of geology with our knowledge of instrumentation design and computer integration. Ralph Pittman, our President and instrument designer, has been designing and refining gas detection and data acquisition equipment for more than four decades.  His designs and equipment have become an industry standard and are used not only by GeoDynamic Well Logging, Inc., but by many other logging companies as well. The latest design has fully integrated the instruments with the computer.The computer now controls the transition from low gas to high gas and back again with a high degree of accuracy, without the need for less accurate air dilution systems.

Our shop which is used for equipment maintenance and manufacturing is located three miles east and two and one quarter miles south of May, Oklahoma. It is a 50 by 85 facility which contains three offices, a large stock room, and extensive chemical room, a very well stocked electronics shop, and a large shop area which allows our technicians to service and repair up to two trailers at a time. Our shop is accompanied by a large parking area for our large fleet of mobile laboratories.  Not only are our logging units serviced here, but many other logging companies depend on us for technical assistance, repair, and maintenance.

Each of our logging units is equipped with a satellite antenna, which automatically finds the communications satellite. By using satellite internet and cellular telephones, we are able to provide the communications demanded by these fast drilling times. Our loggers are also aware that keeping you updated is highly important. We wish to make sure you are pleased in every way with our logging service. If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help.

Our company has many years of experience providing high quality services. We pride ourselves on providing you with a level of accountability, professionalism, and value that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Our most important achievement is the long list of satisfied clients, both large and small, who have honored and entrusted us with their confidence. Our goal is to provide high quality services in the best interest of our clients.

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