The gas detection instruments used by GeoDynamic Well Logging were designed and manufactured by personnel within our company. Our instrument designer is widely known throughout the industry and is known for the dependability and accuracy of his instruments. A high degree of standardization and accuracy is attained by using instruments of the same type in each of our logging units. They are fully self contained, solid state, and feature complete computer integration with readouts of depth, time, lag, gas units and sensor voltage along with an independent power backup system in the event of a rig power failure. These parameters are all easily monitored at a glance. The computer controls the transition from low gas to high gas with a high degree of accuracy, without the need for less accurate air dilution methods. The instruments and computer combination are outfitted with multiple alarms including high gas, low gas, drilling breaks, depth, and sample lag. All alarms are fully adjustable through all ranges, to alert the logging engineer and rig crews of any changes. The computer now acts as the recorder to give multiple views of all data (including drill time, total gas, chromatograph, and lag time) and keeps all data from the well at your fingertips for fast easy reference and plotting.

After multiple refinements of our gas detection instruments, we have standardized a much smaller design which is not only portable, but completely interchangeable between laboratories for fast easy repairs in the event of an equipment malfunction. This decreases repair time resulting in less lost data (a great asset in these fast drilling times).

Our trailers are 8' X 31' mobile laboratories, which are equipped with the standard set of gas detection instruments. They have ample working areas for sample washing, drying, examination, and log correlation. They also have all the comforts necessary for those long days and nights at the rig, such as; bunk area, restroom, shower, and a kitchen area equipped with cook stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven. We also provide cellular telephones (where cellular service is available) and satellite internet service. They are also equipped with all of the necessary computer equipment for fully automated data acquisition and e-mail of log and other documents (see data acquisition at this website).