Data Acquisition

All of our logging units are fully computerized and interfaced with our well monitoring instruments. The computer gathers the data directly from the instruments in one foot depth increments and real time. While calculating the rate of penetration, the computer simultaneously gathers the gas data, calculates the lag, and positions the gas information at the correct depth of the well.

To draw the log, we use WellSight Systems software. When the logger is ready to draw the mudlog, the mudlogger simply imports the gathered rate of penetration and gas data curves to the log.

Wellsight Systems software is one of the most widely used logging programs, and they furnish a free log viewer for anyone who wishes to view or print the mudlog. We can e-mail and/or fax our mudlog to our clients from almost any location within our areas of operations.

From most locations, we can also furnish our clients with the current depth, rate of penetration, and gas units.This data,current to within one minute,can be obtained from our home page by clicking on the proper logging unit, then entering the correct username and password.

Tech support is available by phone (580-689-2272) to clients who need help.